Who we are

The company is located in Burago di Molgora, about 20 km from the city of Milan, and covers an area of over 17,000 m2 of which 9,500 m2 is covered, it is on several levels with overhead travelling cranes of a capacity of up to 20 tons. The plant is reachable by car along roads situated in the immediate vicinity. It was founded after World War II, in order to recondition the graphic machines damaged by the war, and later specialized in machines for converting.  

In 1955,after extensive experiments and projects, the first real industrial laminating machine for paper and cardboard in format that worked continuously was introduced, it was the first machine of its kind, and created an immediate interest and great success.  

Later the production expanded to diversify into: laminating reel to reel to the middle glue, coating for adhesive tapes, PE-coating/laminating using polythene extrusion, coating machines for paper and cardboard, calandering machines, embossing machines, laminators for cardboard with windows.  

In 1964,Paperplast was registered internationally with whom trademarked all machines produced thereafter.   The demand for laminating machines from the market, and also thanks to the contribution of the dynamic.   Paperplast, the company reached such levels that it decided to spend a large investment in terms of time and money for the study, research and innovation in this specific machinery.   All efforts have been rewarded by the confidence placed in us every day, and recognized by national and international clients.  

What characterizes all Paperplast machines are the numerous international patents that have “given” the way in our industry, and now becoming devices and solutions for common use.

 All machines are manufactured in compliance with CE regulations with the endorsement of its brand and the issuance of the required documentation.  

The Engineering Department has modern equipment, and CAD workstation that provides a professional and accurate execution of new projects.  

To complete the “Paperplast cycle of quality” in the sprawling of our property, are executed the assembly and testing of machines before shipment to the customer.     Our “standard” production includes a wide range of machinery designed to meet every requirements; from smaller, more economical and always performing “entry levels” models DRY, to the more sophisticated machines for water-based adhesive or solventless available up to the maximum size of 1650 x 2050 mm.

On all our sheet fed machines, we install high performance feeders produced and patented by us under the brand “SAMAL”.    

In addition to so far descibed, Paperplast is always engaged in research and development of new projects to meet the requirements of the market, and the individual customer. Our strong vocation comes from this principle in machinery “customized” for specific processes (embossing machines, laminating machines for paper and cardboard in rolls, etc…)  

Finally, we produce with the well-known brand “CONVERTMAC” flexible packaging machines.   Mr Alvaro Rossi, the founder and current Chairman of the Board of Directors, has a broad technical background in the field of converting, and personally oversees every new project.  

The staff of the Administrative and Sales Department, directed by Mr Marco Rossi, has language skills and experience in export, as well as the after sale office staff.